The wedding customs of Bangladesh vary from home to family group. There are 3 stages of any marriage: the pre-wedding rituals, the wedding ceremony, and the post-wedding celebrations.

Pre-wedding rituals really are a the main Bengali tradition and include turmeric ceremonies and Gaye Holud. Before the wedding, a bride is given benefits by her family group. These benefits also represent the bride’s addition in the groom’s family.

In Bangladesh, a wedding retraite usually includes feminine relatives from the bride. Traditionally, the procession is usually led by five committed women, who all shower Ganga water drops on the bride. Additionally, they decorate her and apply henna dye.

After the marriage shower, food intake is held in the groom’s house. A bride’s family members sends an assortment of foods and traditional special treats. This food is known as aje buro bhat. international dating for filipina women

Ai buro bhat is a party of rice and seafood, traditionally prepared by Bengali families. It is just a symbolic meals to introduce the newlyweds with their extended family and friends. On the reception, the family of the groom gives the woman with a reward. Guests will shower the brand new couple with gifts.

Another classic ritual of Bengali wedding ceremony is the Biye. Typically, it takes place 1 to 2 days ahead of the wedding. On the eve of the Biye, some Hindu family members make presents to the groom’s mother.

Following your Biye, the couple may well have a wedding ceremony in the bride’s house. However , many of them choose to have their marriage ceremony in a community centre.

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